therapY RATES

There will be sign up sheets available at the retreat to book.

Therapy Rates : 30mins for £20
                            60mins for £40

Cash payments only

Meet ouR therapists

(more therapists will be added as we get closer to the retreat date)




A friendly, calming therapist with a ‘healing touch’. I love what I do and love making people feel great! For reflexology the client is fully clothed minus socks, I use foot lotion for this treatment. Reflexology is great for circulation, stress relief and pain relief as it enhances your body’s natural healing mechanism! For Swedish Massage, I use oil. The client needs to remove items of clothing, depending on where they want to be massaged. Swedish massage is uplifting, it is a great way to relieve muscular tension. Plus an hour long massage is the equivalent of 8 hours sleep!




Diane works from the heart to provide nourishing and nurturing abdominal massages. She works with grace and enthusiasm, bringing an individual approach to every treatment. She trained with Clare Blake (Fertility Massage Therapy). A fertility massage||womb therapy is not just for conception. It can help with menstrual issues by relieving the symptoms of painful or heavy periods, PMS, PCOS, and endometriosis.
Fertility massage supports awareness of the shifts taking place in our bodies during peri-/menopause.
Massage of the abdominal area improves healthy digestive movement. It can help on your lifes journey, as we navigate ever-changing lives, lifestyles and events, this deeply nourishing treatment may just be the perfect gift you can give yourself.