ram inderpreet

I am Ram Inderpreet co-producer of  WYR. I found Kundalini Yoga when I was seriously ill. It transformed my health so dramatically in every way - mind, body and spirit - that I knew this was to be the foundation of the rest of my life. Teaching since 2010, I have worked in the community with women overcoming domestic and sexual abuse and have been inspired by woman’s resilience and compassion, even in the most challenging circumstances.  

I also teach Yin Yoga and Office Yoga and I am an Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapist and Theta Healer.


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rashpal kaur

I am Rashpal Kaur co-producer of WYR. I am an experienced kundalini yoga teacher whose teaching style has evolved to embrace kindness, compassion and simplicity; whilst attuning with nature and the environment to create nourishing and inspiring experiences to support student needs.This shift is reflective of my own yoga journey which has allowed me to cultivate awareness, come home to self acceptance and remember with each conscious breath that we are all BEAUTIFULLY HUMAN.

I also teach Yoga NidraWell Woman Yoga TherapyRestorative Yoga,  Sound Healing with Gong and hold monthly Women's Yoga Circles.



shaura hall

I am Shaura Hall The Yogologist. Yogologie is a contemplative practice, understood from psychological, physiological and spiritual points of view. As a certified Senior Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer with Yoga Alliance Professionals, I teach and work with Hatha, Kundalini, and Yin Yoga, as well as mindfulness, meditation and Yoga Nidra practices. My strong therapeutic background led me to find my passion for physiological and psychological understanding of the human body and I became a mind-and-body practitioner who supports others from a whole-person perspective. I am currently working towards a BSc (Hons) in the Health Sciences, and share scientific knowledge in all of the yoga and mind-and-body programmes I offer.



Wioletta Diamondheart

I am Wioletta Diamondheart  a kundalini yoga teacher, my style is a uplifting and inspiring, I have many years of experience in a field of yoga, healing and sharing. I constantly expand my knowledge and wisdom of the teachings, so I can deliver this transformative and powerful technology to participants with integrity and devotion. My passion for people and commitment to serve others creates a high vibrational sacred space for healing and transformation to occur. I am passionate about helping others achieve mental, physical and spiritual balance. 

I am a Holistic & Ayurvedic Therapist, Enthusiastic Traveller & Life Coach. My mission is to bring out the master within each participant. I run Woman Circles & Ceremonies in Red Tents, l lead Sacred Journeys to Power Places, and offer help & support during Fasting & Detoxing.


Kiran Kaur.jpg

kiran kaur

My name is Kiran Kaur, I come from a mixed background, creative and holistic. I run an independent crystal shop online, I offer healing through crystal therapy, I am also a yoga teacher in the Pilamaya way, make-up artist, and intuitive reader. I am very thankful for the bursary I received by The Women’s Yoga Retreat to pursue my Pilamaya yoga teacher training.

Through my work my main focus is creating a safe space for women who feel the call to journey into healing, self care, self love and/or for those who struggle with mental health. I strongly believe in healing and processing through creativity and spiritual practice. Mental health has a special place in my heart, as a mental health advocate I actively write to bring awareness and support. I embrace what I have learnt through my lived experiences, skills I have developed and training to create a place and source where we can heal, process and express.