8.00am                    Registration/ Orientation

9.00am                    Opening Ceremony (prompt start, latecomers can join at 9.30am)

9.30am                    Workshop 1

12.30pm                  Lunch

2.00pm                    Workshop 2

4.00pm                    Break

4.30pm                    Workshop 3a

5.45pm                    Break

6.00pm                    Workshop 3b

6.30pm                    Dinner

7.30pm                    Full Moon Release Ceremony with WYR


5.00 - 7.30am          Sadhna, Personal Practice, Travel or Sleep

8.00 - 8.30am          Breakfast

9.00am                    Sisterhood 

9.30am                    Workshop 4

11.00am                  Break

11.30am                  Yoga Nidra & Gong with Rashpal Kaur

12.30pm                  Lunch

1.30pm                   Workshop 5

3.00pm                   Break

3.15pm                   Closing Ceremony with WYR

4.00pm                   Farewell