love yourself fearlessly with Raminderpreet

Part I Accepting the Past with yoga, meditation and powerful breathwork to warm up your body and unlock your heart. Accept your whole self, embrace your past and experience radical self love.


journey into nidra with Kiran Kaur

Kiran invites you to a journey into the ancient practice of Yoga Nidra.


we are beautifully human with rashpal kaur

"Your Positive and Negative Minds spin out with the tamasic and rajasic gunas and plunge you into competition, comparison, and calculation. You try to manipulate and think your way out of the problem. You seek perfection. You start to criticize your self, your body, the entire creation, and even God! You swing from massive efforts and success to depression and anger. You do not understand the key. " Yogi Bhajan

Our wholeness is in our re-memberance that we are imperfectly perfect, every expression of Her is valid. In this workshop we embrace that We Are Beautifully Human.


Pilamaya with Shaura Hall

Invites you to explore the anatomical and spiritual realms of your self and invokes a sense of gratitude for what yoga brings into the gift of life. As each human being holds a unique understanding of the world, each Pilamaya practice is born from the intention and energy of those present. Rooted in compassion, sensitivity and the magic of the human body, Pilamaya Yoga will nurture and uplift your yoga as it comes alive in your heart.


kundalini shakti ~ the sensual power within ~ with ashley jones

We are sensual sexual beings, this workshop will explore the power of the kundalini within this context. 


intuition the feminine super power with rashpal kaur

As we draw closer to the end of our time together, we call upon our inner compass to co-create our future and collectively the future for all. "No woman is weak and there’s no woman who does not have intuition. God gave it to you to protect your children, your  motherhood, and yourself. You have sixteen times more intuitive power than a man." Yogi Bhajan


love yourself fearlessly  with Raminderpreet

Part II Inviting the Future Leave behind the beliefs, emotions and stories that weigh you down, and create and vibrate your future as the light that you are.


Embodied Prayer and Blessings with WYR

All that we have experienced this weekend, with Grace we take back into our daily lives through the power of prayer, and ceremony.